MAYFAIR GALLERY has been operating as a privately owned creative space and art gallery situated in the heart of Darwin’s CBD since 2013.


PROVIDE opportunity for  locals to be expressive,

ACTING as an affordable option towards connecting with the community and

CREATING possibilities for every one.

Through existing relationships and pre-existing ventures, MAYFAIR GALLERY has spent the last twelve months developing a repor with the local community towards being a cultural hub for the area. Not being limited primarily towards traditional art functions, MAYFAIR GALLERY has evolved into a SPACE FOR HIRE with great road access, a great location and heaps of potential!

Initiated by the need to give every one an equal opportunity, the space is operated by people with experience and a drive to make things happen.

MAYFAIR GALLERY now boasts a weekly programme and is hosting more and more exhibitions. Have a project you need space for? An exhibition with out a gallery? A movie without a theatre? Get in touch now to see how we can work together to make it happen!!